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Wireless Security

The numbers of wireless networks have increased dramatically in recent years, especially with falling prices in wireless enabled laptops and cheap wireless routers/access points. Wireless networks however are innately less secure then your typical wired counterparts since the transmission medium is shared and accessible by anyone within range. This requires a lot of extra security measures in order to prevent against active attacks such as unauthorized connections (someone connecting to your wireless router from across the street and using your internet account) and passive attacks such as sniffing (someone with a receiver monitoring your internet activity and discovering passwords, credit-card numbers, private details).

Insecure by Default: Unfortunately, most cheap wireless routers intended for home use come with all wireless security features disabled by default for ease of installation (take the router out of the box, plug in all the cables, turn your computer on and hey what do yo…

Wake-on-LAN (WoL)

Note: There is an update to this article - Remote WoL.
I recently looked into options for powering on my computer remotely and came across something called Wake-on-LAN (WoL). This page is a compilation of information I have collected from reading various sources scattered throughout the internet and is by no means a comprehensive or authoritative guide on the subject. Please use this as a starting point for your personal WoL configuration needs and leave a comment below if you’ve found a mistake or if something doesn’t seem to make sense.

What is Wake-on-LAN: WoL is a way for users to power on computers remotely across a network. Obviously, the computer must be plugged in to a power outlet for this to work, but it does NOT need to be in standby, hibernate or other power saving mode (i.e. WoL works from state S0)! As long as your hardware meets all the requirements and you have all the right settings configured, WoL will let you turn on your computer from anywhere within the local networ…