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NTLM Proxies

When working in a corporate environment, you’ll often find yourself behind a proxy server. This proxy server acts as a gateway between you and the internet (or other external networks). Any requests for remote resources outside the corporate intranet will have to go through this gateway. A user will be made aware of this when trying to access a website (say Google for example) and their browser prompts them for a username and password (the browser must be configured with the correct proxy hostname/IP and port number first). Upon entering the valid credentials, the user is presented with the requested resource (the Google webpage in this case).

HTTP Basic and HTTP Digest Authentication: There are two main standards for proxy authentication: HTTP Basic Authentication and Digest Authentication. Both work on a simple challenge-response principle, i.e:
User A requests Resource B through proxy server;
Proxy server challenges User A to identify himself;
User A enters Username and Password in bro…

PS3 Error 8001000A

I started getting this 8001000A error message on my Playstation 3 while trying to connect to the network over a wireless link. The network was working fine previously and I had not made any changes to the GameOS networking settings or to my router. I tried re-configuring the PS3 network settings using both static IP/DNS and dynamic DHCP but the error persisted.

Troubleshooting: Following this, I logged in to my router to check the associated clients list. I noticed two different IP reservations for the same MAC, i.e. the PS3 wireless adapter interface. I forcefully cleared these from the router clients list and created a static DHCP binding for the PS3 MAC. I also placed the static IP in the DMZ zone to ensure no port-forwarding issues (not strictly required as UPnP should take care of mapping required ports automatically if enabled).

I then went back into my PS3 and re-configured the wireless network settings to use DHCP, re-tested the connection and all tests passed. I’ve had no issue…

PS3 Games Freezing

I was recently playing Devil May Cry 4 on Playstation 3 when the game froze on me before even getting to the Start screen. More specifically, the game froze on the Now Loading screen just before the opening trailer sequence. Waited on the screen for over 5 minutes with no progress. All controller keys were completely unresponsive.

Thought this was strange as I had been playing the game over the last two or three days without issue. Putting it down as a once off occurrence, I restarted and luckily this time I got to start a mission. Everything seemed fine till I stepped through a door in Mission 6 (just after the dice game) and the game froze again on the Now Loading screen.

Possible Causes: Jumped online and found this was a pretty common occurrence. Many people reported freezes in DMC4 at different points in the game. Some users experienced the hangs as soon as they got the game, whilst others played without issue for months before the problems began occurring.

I was unable to find a kn…