PS3 Error 8001000A

I started getting this 8001000A error message on my Playstation 3 while trying to connect to the network over a wireless link. The network was working fine previously and I had not made any changes to the GameOS networking settings or to my router. I tried re-configuring the PS3 network settings using both static IP/DNS and dynamic DHCP but the error persisted.

Troubleshooting: Following this, I logged in to my router to check the associated clients list. I noticed two different IP reservations for the same MAC, i.e. the PS3 wireless adapter interface. I forcefully cleared these from the router clients list and created a static DHCP binding for the PS3 MAC. I also placed the static IP in the DMZ zone to ensure no port-forwarding issues (not strictly required as UPnP should take care of mapping required ports automatically if enabled).

I then went back into my PS3 and re-configured the wireless network settings to use DHCP, re-tested the connection and all tests passed. I’ve had no issues with the connection since.

One theory I have about this issue is that the router client list got messed up when I was dual-booting my PS3 with YLD6 Linux. I may have configured different networking settings in YLD (static IP) whilst having the GameOS use DHCP. Normally I don’t think this should cause an issue, but I know the PS3 does some funny things with networking in YLD (can’t have the ethernet and the wireless interfaces enabled at the same time, it’s either one or the other).

Solution: Bottom line is, if you’re getting this error you should try the following:
  • Reset your router or clear the router client association list though the WebUI.
  • Assign a static IP mapping for your PS3 MAC in your router.
  • Place this static IP in your router’s DMZ list.
  • Configure your PS3 to use DHCP.
Please leave a comment if this worked for you or if you’ve discovered other causes of the issue.


  1. u fucking moron. like everyone understands what u wrote here. how do i do all this shit ? i'm o pc genius. keep that in mind next time u write something

  2. Take a chill pill. Read your router's manual or keep googling.

  3. Well, I thought it was useful. Thanks.

    It's a very weird error - my PS3 system refuses to play nicely with the new Belkin N+ modem router, but then after a reset it will work. If I run a test on the connection then it breaks again. Very, very odd.

  4. i have always been using a belkin router but i was wondering is there anyway to rest the connection to start afresh as i have tried to llok for it via my laptop on the connections but unable 2 find anything

  5. totally worked thanks for all the help someone screwed up the settings and now it works perfectly.....

    as for the guy who doesnt understand his router RTFM or UTFSE seriously

  6. Surely you must be the moron if you do not understand plain English or cannot google for info on how to complete the steps above in your router settings.

  7. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  8. fuck me :) Im horny and Im homeless

  9. Binding the MAC to the router worked for me... cheers dude! Panic / throwing the PS3 out the window over!


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