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If you haven't already read my article on Live Mesh, I was recently introduced to the world of online file storage when a work colleague offered to send me a large file through this service. After signing up for my own account and installing the Mesh client, my system became highly unstable with constant Explorer crashes. This made me look for other alternatives and luckily I stumbled across DropBox.
Much like Live Mesh, DropBox is an online storage file sync service which works as follows: You download and install a client tool (Linux, Windows & Mac versions available);Sign-up for a free online account (2GB storage);Run the local client to register the computer as part of your account;Define a DropBox home folder on your local computer which is monitored by the install client at all times in the background;Any files added, updated or deleted from the DropBox home get automatically uploaded to your online storage space;If you switch to another computer with a client installed an…

Windows Live Mesh

I asked a colleague today if he could send me a large file and whilst I was still pondering on how to get past the stingy email attachment limitations, I received an invite to share a folder through his Windows Live Mesh account. I clicked on the email link which took me to a fancy Flash/Silverlight Explorer like interface showing me all files and folders I had been given access to. I navigated to what I was after, clicked download, and within a few minutes the exchange was all done.
I must say I was impressed by the quality and ease-of-use of the service, possibly because I haven't used things like Dropbox, SkyDrive or Mesh before (still waiting for Google gDrive...sigh). The whole experience was so painless that I downloaded the Mesh client and setup my own shared sync folder using an old hotmail login that I rarely use anymore (I have gmail configured to automatically retrieve all my other emails from different accounts via pop3 into separate folders). The client installation wa…