Blogger needs a Label Cloud

One of my main gripes with Blogger is the simple line-by-line layout of labels in the gadget on the right. The gadget only has two options - sorting the labels alphabetically or by popularity. My problem with this is that labels are not categories. WordPress has a very clear distinction of this as it supports both categories and tags (labels):
  • Categories are intended to organise your site content into a hierarchical tree with only one path from the root node (home page) to any child node or leaf. 
  • Labels or tags on the otherhand are intended as metadata that highlights the main semantic points of a particular page or post, thus giving you the ability to organise your content in a graph structure.
A single page or post may have 5 or more tags or labels associated with it, but rarely just one. This means that list on the right is going to grow very quickly and thus a more condensed version would be more suitable.

WordPress and other Blogs/Wikis share a common component that shows all labels one after the other in a long paragraph like structure and each label has a different font color and/or weight that gives a visual clue as to its popularity (i.e. a darker, bolder, bigger label means it's used more frequently). 

Now I'm not sure if I like the font-size variation in this component, but I think it would be a simple extension of the Blogger gadget to offer a paragraph layout option in the edit screen whilst retaining the bracketed usage count of each label..


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