Javinder - Java based file/text/class finder

Javinder (Java Finder) is a simple file search tool with some advanced capabilities. The tool can be broken down into three main functional groups: Class Finder, File Finder and Text Finder.

Class Finder: If you’ve ever struggled to resolve a ClassNotFoundException whilst trying to use 3rd party Java libraries, than this one’s for you. Javinder allows you to specify a fully qualified class name or a partial wildcard class name and a directory search path. The tool will then recursively scan all directories in the search path and look inside all jars for the given class, reporting all found matches. 

File Finder: As a natural extension of the class finder, Javinder allows you to specify a filename (with * and ? wildcard support) and a directory search path. The tool will then recursively scan all directories for all matching files, and will optionally scan inside all supported archives (zip, war, jar, ear). 

Text Finder: Similar to the Windows ’search-for-files-containing-text’ feature, only that Javinder is able to scan files inside archives and intelligently search for text inside PDF, MS Word (.doc) and MS PowerPoint (.ppt) files in addition to simple plain-text files. Furthermore, when selecting to search inside plain-text files, Javinder will attempt to open all files matching the wildcard filename pattern using UTF-8 encoding. This means all file types can be searched, irrespective of extensions or configured file associations.

Usage: Download Javinder.jar (6MB), save to a directory and double-click to run (or execute ‘java -jar Javinder.jar’ from cmd prompt).

Requires: Java 1.5+

Source: Javinder_src.zip (6MB)

Embedded Libraries: Javinder uses a collection of embedded 3rd party open-source APIs for its advanced functionality, namely:
  • TrueZIP (Apache License V2.0) - Transparent handling of zip archives using wrappers for standard Java I/O classes.
  • Commons IO (Apache License V2.0) - A collection of utility classes to simplify file handling, including wildcard filename searching.
  • Apache POI (Apache License V2.0) - A collection of classes for reading and writing MS Office file formats, including Word and PowerPoint.
  • PDFBox (BSD) - PDF Java library with text extraction support.


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