KBSMan - .NET Keyboard Shortcut Manager

KBSMan (Keyboard Shortcut Manager) is a Windows only tool that allows you to easily assign and manage keyboard shortcuts for launching applications or executing commands/scripts. Additionally, the tool allows you to export/import your shortcut list to file for portability across work locations.

Key Features:
  • No installation required - just double-click the exe to run;
  • Starts on windows startup;
  • Easily import/export shortcut list;
  • Centralized shortcut management;
  • One-click activate/deactivate shortcuts (useful when you hit a conflict);
  • Add shortcuts to applications, files, paths, scripts or commands;
  • Minimizes to system tray;
  • Low CPU and memory footprint;

Usage: Download KBSMan.zip, extract to a directory and double-click KBSMan.exe run.

Requires: Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0+

License: Free for personal and commercial use.


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