SuperSUM - Optus Broadband Usage Meter

SuperSUM (Super Simple Usage Meter) was a small program for Australian Optus Broadband Internet users allowing them to quickly and easily check their download statistics. The program lived in the system tray and periodically queried Optus with the user's account details retrieving usage statistics. Users would then simply hover the mouse over the tray icon to instantly see how much they've downloaded, or double-click the icon to see a bar chart of remaining peak/off-peak quotas.

Additionally, SuperSUM implemented a small, unobtrusive real-time download/upload speed meter which sat just above the system-tray showing exactly how fast the internet connection was. This feature supported multi-homed machines.

However, as of 15/01/2009 Optus killed the data feed driving this application rendering it useless. Other similar open-source applications were then recoded to screen-scrape the Optus web-sites to retrieve the usage statistics. I no longer have the source for this application, or the interest to implement .NET screen-scraping at this point. If you are an Optus customer and looking for a usage meter, try searching the Whirlpool forums here.

The SuperSUM binary is still available for download. The real-time meter is still functional, but you won't be able to login to your Optus account to get download stats. 


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