Switching back from WordPress to Blogger

I love WordPress. It's much more customizable then Blogger, has better themes, gives you more flexibility, has static pages, categories and tags as opposed to just labels, and it just feels like a much more advanced system. 

Blogger in comparison seems quite primitive - the themes are bland, the customization options are limited, it only allows me to upload image files and nothing else, the visual editor is more basic (and buggy in Chrome it seems).

So why am I switching back to Blogger if I like WordPress better? Blogger offers a better hosted solution in my opition - free custom URL via CNAME mapping, no random ad insertion, seems slightly faster (probably because it's so much simpler)... 

The file-upload issue irks me, but I may use DropBox to host my public files and add links from this blog if needed. This should give me the control and flexibility I need going forward, I hope.


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