WordPress 2.7.1 Slow

Today I've tried using WordPress 2.7.1 both as a hosted service on wordpress.com and as a fresh install on a local WAMP stack (Server2Go). Both are running unexpectedly slow. Clicking on various links in the dashboard takes several seconds to load. Not sure what the problem could be as all other web pages are working fine, and all other localhost applications running on the same Apache instance are very snappy. 

I've been reading several posts in the blog-sphere with other users complaining of major slowdown issues with the latest WordPress. Various comments and suggestions are flying around but haven't come across any concrete solutions or explanations as of yet.

Note: enabling Google Gears in the Dashboard has no effect on performance, either in the hosted solution or on my local instance.


  1. I've been having the same issue, especially on my mediatemple server. Not sure what the issue is and the wordpress forum solutions aren't working.

  2. Yeah, never did work out what the problem was. Have been using a hosted Blogger account ever since, which is pretty fast (although inferior in many ways).


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