WordPress + bib2html plugin + JabRef

I'm using a locally hosted WordPress installation running on XAMPP as a Personal Knowledge Management system for my post-graduate research studies. I've also started using JabRef as my BiBTeX Reference Manager. JabRef stores its reference library data in a simple .bib file.

Since I'm using WordPress on my local filesystem, it means I can very easily configure JabRef to store the .bib file somewhere in my web-root...

The next logical step would be to use a WordPress plugin that can integrate with this .bib file so that I can have a full bibliography page, and additionally I'd like to be able to insert invidivual BibTeX references in specific posts.

Luckly, I think I've found a plugin that does just that. Bib2html simply parses the .bib file and adds some html formatting around the entries for pretty-printing in WordPress posts. I tried this with a simple .bib JabRef library and it didn't work however. I get the following error whenever trying to add [bibtex file=JabRef.bib] to my posts:

Warning: array_key_exists() [function.array-key-exists]: The second argument should be either an array or an object in T:\www\wp-content\plugins\bib2html\OSBiB\format\BIBFORMAT.php on line 978

Fatal error: Cannot access empty property in T:\www\wp-content\plugins\bib2html\OSBiB\format\BIBFORMAT.php on line 301

If anyone knows how to get bib2html working with JabRef libraries please let me know!


  1. Hi, I was experiencing a similar problem. JabRef enters additional lines into the BibTex-File. Just open the BibTex-File with an editor, erase the additional lines, and the error will not occur. However, if you want to directly parse the BibTex-File as it is created by JabRef I am afraid you have to change the code of the plugin.


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