Google Chrome 2.0 Beta

I've been using Google Chrome as my primary browser for over three months now, and I'm loving it! The bare-metal minimalistic approach is very refreshing and frees up a lot of screen real-estate for actually seeing more of the web-pages you're trying to browse. Oh, and it's fast. Noticibly faster than both Firefox and Internet Explorer, not only at loading pages, but also in system resource consumption.

Having said that, Chrome currently doesn't support custom plugins (v1 or v2b) so if you can't bare to live without gestures or some fancy RSS reader add-on, etc, then Chrome may not be for you. Likewise if you do a lot of WebDev and rely on certain extensions for debugging, then again, Chrome may not be for you.

Nevertheless, the point of this post was to introduce people to Google Chrome 2.0 (Beta). If you've downloaded and installed Chrome from the Google web-site, then you would've been placed on the Stable automatic update channel, meaning you'll only receive quarterly updates of final release Chrome versions. If however you're eager to try out the latest monthly beta builds, including the 2.0 beta, you'll need to change your update channel using this download. After changing to the beta stream, simply go to the About screen and you'll be prompted that a new version is available. Download, install and enjoy!

You can find the release notes with a listing of all the new fatures here, most notably:
  1. New version of WebKit (the rendering engine);
  2. Import bookmarks from Google bookmarks (manual, no two-way sync yet...);
  3. Improved SafeBrowsing implementation (have never used this);
  4. Browser profiles (different bookmarks, cookies, etc.);
  5. Updated JavaScript engine;
  6. Dumped WinHTTP in favour of Google's own networking code!


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