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The one thing I miss most in Ubuntu is Google Chrome. While Google is working on a Linux version, this may not come out for years, if at all, meaning I have to go back to FireFox :(

Not that FireFox is bad or anything, but I like the Chrome minimalism approach. Luckily however it's possible to install various themes and add-ons to closely replicate the Chrome look.

This can be achieved as follows:
  • Install Chromifox theme.
  • Install TinyMenu add-on.
  • Install HideCaption add-on (experimental).
  • Play around with toolbars until you get the right feel.
The end-result will look something like this:

Note however that while this may look like Chrome, Chrome it ain't:
  • New-tab + button is missing.
  • Tabs are below address bar instead of above.
  • Address bar doesn't double as a search bar the same way as it does in Chrome. Maybe this can be configured, I haven't looked into it much.
  • FireFox is not as fast as Chrome. No, really. It isn't.
All in all, I can live with it though. The theme gives me the extra screen real-estate that I've become accustomed to.


  1. Hi,
    I was just searching around on the web for "chrome linux" and found this post.
    Google says that Chrome linux (or, rather, Chromium) will be released about June. Also, if you're using Ubuntu, you can download the daily build for Linux. It's pre-alpha I think, but, from what I've read, still relatively usable (I'm using Mandriva). You can get the key/url here.

  2. Cool, that's good to know. I'll be keen to see the June release. I imagine the Windows version will undergo significant changes at that point as well (beta 2.0 has already moved to platform independent HTTP networking libraries, the proxy management needs to be separated from Windows Internet Settings as well).

    As for the pre-alpha link download links, I think I'll pass for the time being but thanks for sharing. I'm sure others will find it useful (I had no idea they existed).


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