Dynamic JavaScript via Ajax and innerHTML

I may be shot down for this for bad design or evil JavaScript usage, but nevertheless...consider the following architecture:
  • You have a complex page that drives a lot of functionality via Ajax.
  • Clicking on a 'Create User' link for example will perform an async call on a back-end create-user HTML widget and display this content in a div panel.
  • The create-user widget is self-contained, i.e. it's a mixture of HTML and JavaScript.
  • The JS portion of create-user is responsible for driving validation logic and perhaps making other Ajax calls.
So how do you implement this? Simply retrieving the mixed create-user content and sticking it in a div's innerHTML property won't work as the retrieved content is just text and the <script> tags won't be parsed by the browser or added to the DOM, meaning all the JS is inaccessible. To get things working you need to do this yourself as follows:

//ajax call to get create-user content as rsp
div = document.getElementById('targetDiv').innerHTML = rsp;

function evalScript(div) {
var x = div.getElementsByTagName("script");
var scriptBlocks = [];

for(var i=0; i<x.length; i++)
//append the script to the div body,
//note that simply doing an eval() would not work as the script would not be stored in the DOM
var oScript = document.createElement('script');
oScript.text = x[i].text;
scriptBlocks[i] = oScript;

//we could have added the scripts to the div directly above, but then we'd trigger an infinite loop
for(var i=0; i <scriptBlocks.length; i++) {

I've tested this in Google Chrome and it seems to work. Not sure about IE, FF, Opera, Safari...but fingers crossed. Also, if anyone knows of a reason why this is really bad, please let me know!


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