Windows 7 WMC Streaming Radio

If you're using Windows 7 WMC (or Windows Vista VMC) and have any interest in streaming radio or local radio, then you should definitelly check out the RadioTime plugin. I've previously recommended mcShoutCast or Yougle, both of which can stream ShoutCast stations (Yougle can do more, including YouTube, MSN, etc). I've just come across RadioTime however, which blows them both out of the water.

The WMC/VMC plugin has a very nice interface that's very easy to browse and categorises stations by genre, region & favorites. It also lets you listen to local FM radio if you have a compatible FM tuner (most analog TV tuners will double as a radio tuner).

You can also go to and listen to streaming music directly straight from the browser (nothing new there, you can do the same with ShoutCast and many others). The online page also lists local radio stations which are streamed over the internet.


  1. As far as I saw RadioTime isn't aware of the current song.

    McShoutCast allows you to get the lyrics, concert date, a image slide show of the current soong to name just a few features of mcShoutCast.

    Allmost all radio station are available via the internet, there is no need to buy an FMTuner card/usb stick.

    Also mcShoutCast has next to the SHOUTCast stations a user driven Database of additionally stations. So you can listen to every station you want to.

    I don't see the point why RadioTimes blows mcShoutCast out of the water.

    If i compare the features of RadioTimes to mcShoutCast, RadioTime looks a bit old-fashioned and isn't really up of the todays common features.

  2. Thomas works for Mcshoutcast, I use RadioTime and its much better qand best of all its free, you can set up favorites and has thousands of Stations, Why pay money for an inferior piece of crapware

    Mcshoutcast has a 14 day trial, try it out, but like me you'll keep RadioTime, its simply better

  3. I agree with the Last guy Shoutcast is no better, everything I want is in Radiotime its wonderful


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