Google Trends

Google Trends is an experimental Google Labs offering that allows you to, you guessed it, view trends in keyword searches. It's an interesting tool to play with, especially if you're into SEO or online marketing/advertising.

Trend can help you find search terms that are rising in demand (hence making for a more successful blog or website) or patterns in certain trends that may help you market your products better.

For example, searching for eggnog shows a very clear pattern: eggnog is very popular during Christmas period, but not so much during the rest of the year.

That one's pretty obvious, but did you know that searching for motorcycle displays a similar annual trend?

This shows that for some reason motorcycles are a lot more popular during May/June and generally during mid-year. If you further break this down by region, you'll find the pattern is a lot more prominent in the US, which may suggest motorcycles are more popular during spring/summer or some other events (perhaps collage long break). Now if I had a motorcycle store in the US and I had access to this data, I may decide to focus my marketing budget during those particular months, maybe in the form of a TV commercial or posters, or a blog, etc.

Here's another obvious one, the Trend graph for iPhone:

This shows the iPhone didn't exist till 2005 when some rumors probably started coming out. Public interest only spiked in 2007 when it was officially announced, then spiked again in June 2007 when it was first released, then again in 2008 when the 3G update was released and 2009 when 3GS was released. Again, fairly obvious. How about Twitter in 2009?

Started off slowly, became very popular in June/July, then started to die out a little in September/October (I hope this trend continues and goes back to 0 :p).

You can also do a comparative analysis such as Google vs. Apple vs. Microsoft:
Can you find any interesting trends? Leave a comment with the URL query string if you do.


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