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PS3 PSN DNS Error 80710102

I tried logging in to the PlayStation Network via my PS3 this morning to check what's new but was presented with Error 80710102. The error message mentioned that This is a DNS error. I am connected via TPG ADSL2+ and a wireless router. Other websites seemed to work normally on my laptop and HTPC.
DNS is short for Domain Name System, i.e. the system used to translate friendly URL names such as into numeric addresses such as that are actually understood by the web (paste into your browser address bar and it will take you straight to Google, bypassing the DNS service as no address lookup is needed). The reason we use friendly links is because they're easier to remember and also because the numeric addresses can freely change whilst the friendly names stay the same (i.e. is unlikely to ever be renamed but can change at any time).
A lot more can be said about DNS, but basically this error code is saying that the …

Blogger anonymous comment word verification cropped

There seems to be a bug in the default Blogger templates that manifests only in some blogs with inline commenting enabled when users try to post comments as anonymous guests. The inline word-verification panel that appears is cropped with no way to scroll down to the textfield to enter the word or to the submit button.

The solution to fix this is simple. Go to the admin console, and navigate to Layout/Edit HTML. Check the tickbox to Expand Widget Templates and search for:
<iframe allowtransparency='true' class='blogger-iframe-colorize' frameborder='0' height='275' id='comment-editor' scrolling='no' src='' width='100%'/>

Change the height property from 275 to 475 and you should be sweet! :-)

ThinkPad x300 and the infamous 1802

As I've posted numerous times, my Lenovo x300 regularly freezes due to some unknown reason. It does this regardless of operating system (I've tried Ubuntu/XP/Vista/W7), happens more frequently on battery power, and the only way to bring it back is via a cold shutdown/reboot.
There's a specific post on the Lenovo support forums about others experiencing the same problem (update: also this and this). No official response from Lenovo yet. Some have suggested that it could be caused by a faulty WiFi adapter though and that replacing it fixes the problem.
My X300 (type 6477) comes factory equipped with an Intel 4965 802.11 a/b/g/n PCIe Mini Card. The process of replacing this is pretty easy and is documented here. So off I go to my local PC Yum Cha shop and buy a cheap 4965 replacement.
I go home, pop out the battery, pop out the old card, in with the new, screw everything back in, turn it on and...
1802: Unauthorized network card is plugged in
Power off and remove the miniPCI netwo…