PS3 PSN DNS Error 80710102

I tried logging in to the PlayStation Network via my PS3 this morning to check what's new but was presented with Error 80710102. The error message mentioned that This is a DNS error. I am connected via TPG ADSL2+ and a wireless router. Other websites seemed to work normally on my laptop and HTPC.

DNS is short for Domain Name System, i.e. the system used to translate friendly URL names such as into numeric addresses such as that are actually understood by the web (paste into your browser address bar and it will take you straight to Google, bypassing the DNS service as no address lookup is needed). The reason we use friendly links is because they're easier to remember and also because the numeric addresses can freely change whilst the friendly names stay the same (i.e. is unlikely to ever be renamed but can change at any time).

A lot more can be said about DNS, but basically this error code is saying that the PlayStation 3 can't translate the PSN friendly name into an IP address. Each ISP typically manage their own DNS sub-system and in this case it seems that TPG either lost the entry for the PSN or the TPG DNS is experiencing problems (possibly due to a virus outbreak, caching issues, congestion, etc.).

The simplest solution is thus to use a different DNS such as the new Google Public DNS. To do this, just go to the PS3 Network Connection Settings and choose to manually configure the details. You'll need to assign the PS3 a static IP, the subnet should be automatically detected based on IP, and you'll also have two DNS entries for primary and secondary. Here you can enter the Google IPs and Run a connection test once done to make sure you have all the settings correct and you should be good to go!

The Google Public DNS is a good way to troubleshoot many connection problems, such as when a website doesn't load on your PC but others work. I sometimes can't access my online banking website from my TPG connection due to issues with their DNS. Switching to Google works immediately.


  1. ok i tryed that and it didnt work so that is a FAIL

  2. Is your internet working normally on other computers on your LAN? Can you open the PS3 web browser and connect to Google? Is it only the PSN that you can't connect to? Do friends in your general region have connection problems too?

    Sometimes the PSN does go down. If the answer to all of the above is yes, then this is probably one of those times.

  3. Ive tried this also and it doesnt work form my end. Tried the TPG dns and the secondary as .36, If i auto scan everything i get no IP address, just a time out. If i do the above i get an IP address suceed, just no internet connection using also the google dns


  4. Same for me... I will be able to connect to the PSN one day, and the next I get this DNS error over and over. Again, it will somehow be working when I try again a day or two later...

  5. while playing AVP, in the middle of a multiplayer game, I was signed out.
    80710102 ?????

  6. I had this error before turned out the local exchange in my area went down. If you get this message dont change settings as its probably your exchange that has gone down.

  7. i just got the error about ten min. ago,usally i turn my PS3 off for a while ,then it eventually works,at least for me


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