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Sony thinks we're lost little sheep

If you know anything about the PSPGo, then you also know it's one of the strangest products ever released. See, the PSPGo is basically a smaller version of the original PSP, with pretty much the same features and same hardware except no support for UMD games. Instead Sony wants you to login to their online store to purchase and download all games. But not all UMD games are available for download, so you have a smaller range to choose from. And you can only purchase from their store for full retail price, with no refunds available. With physical UMDs on the other hand, you can rent from a video store, borrow from a friend, buy second hand for peanuts, etc.
So if a consumer already has a PSP, there's absolutely no reason to get a Go, unless you just want something a tiny bit smaller. The original PSP can still login to the online store, can still play all of the new online only games, but can also play the full range of UMD games. Plus all the accessories and cables for the Go ar…

IE6: The Thorn in Every Web Developer's Backside

As a web developer I've spent my fair share of time trying to figure out why certain things don't work as expected (or don't work at all) when dealing with IE6. Today was just another one of those days... After fixing a few issues I though I'd start a list with all the little annoyances one may face when needing to support IE6.
CSS Attribute Selectors IE6 doesn't support them so don't use them. The one I ran across was applying styling to input checkboxes. Normally you'd do something like input[type=checkbox] which works in most browsers, except for IE. There are several hacks to get around this, but easiest method is to just attach a class to all elements that you'd use attribute selectors for.
Display Table-Row and Table-Cell IE6 (and 7) doesn't support them so don't use them. I had some JS code that would selectively display or hide a table row depending on the state of a checkbox. To hide a row you just set display:none to the TR element. To s…

Upgrade from Win7 RC to RTM without Formatting

Anyone with Windows 7 RC needs to start worrying about the expiration date. According to Microsoft, from: Feb 15th, 2010 - you'll start getting tray notification notices to upgrade.March 1st, 2010 - your computer will automatically restart every two hours!June 1st, 2010 - computer restarts every two hours, plus black desktop, plus Windows Activation popup.This effectively means that you need to get rid of RC by March 1st, which is less than two weeks from now. There is no officially supported way to upgrade from RC to final RTM without doing a clean format and clean install. This is obviously a pain as you loose all installed applications and settings.
There is however an unofficial workaround to doing the upgrade such that you loose nothing. It can be done as follows: Get your hands on an official Win7 RTM DVD or iso image (and an official key). Note down the version type, i.e. 'Basic', 'Professional', 'Ultimate' or 'Enterprise'Boot into your Win7 RC…

The Google Buzz Buzz

There's been a lot of talk about Google Buzz over the last week, and not because of how great or revolutionary the service is, but rather because of the shortsighted privacy considerations that went into its initial release.
In short, Google Buzz is a location-based Twitter like service where you follow a group of people and you can see their current locations and tweets. Likewise you have a group of followers who see your last location and tweet.
While cute in theory for some (not my cup of tea), the issue with this was that upon enabling the Buzz features, Google would automatically build you a group of people to follow based on your most recent and most frequent GMail conversations (along with some other services). While this is an easy way for you to get started with Buzz, it also reveals to the world who you correspond with most via GMail.
This could lead to many awkward social situations in cases were people wish to keep who they talk to secret for whatever reason. It seems b…

From YUI to jQuery UI

Last year I started a large project and chose YUI 2.7 as the main JavaScript library for creating a rich UI. I primarily used the Dialog, TabView, TreeView and DataTable UI widgets for CRUD admin. The Event utility was used for creating a custom event bus and Connection Manager was used for core Ajax communication. Later during the project's lifespan I discovered the beauty of jQuery and slowly started to use some of the core features for elegant cross-browser DOM manipulation. This eventually lead to my desire to completely phase out YUI in favor of pure jQuery.
But why abandon something that already works? YUI did a fine job, but the API structure and markup just feels like too much work to get simple things done. I abandoned the YUI DataTable very early on in the project as it was taking way too many lines of code to get simple grids up. The TabView, TreeView and Dialogs were working fine, but the default sam-skin stylesheets were not playing nice with a set of external template…

Delete all .svn metadata on a Windows system

This is just one of those solutions that you come across and you just want to save for later because you know you'll need it again at some point in the future.
So you have a project in Windows which was stored in an svn repository and still has all the .svn metadata in every folder within. You want to clean this up and get rid of all the meta, perhaps to version control in a different system, or upload to FTP or whatever.
Easiest way I've found is to copy-paste the code below in notepad, save it as delete_svn.reg, double-click the .reg file to add the code to your registry, then simply go to Windows Explorer, right-click your top-level folder, and select Delete SVN Folders from the context menu. You'll see a cmd prompt pop-up for about half a second and you're done! Now why is it that trying to do a search in Explorer, then trying to delete the files via the Explorer UI takes about 100 times longer...
Anyway, here's the code:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00