Chrome gets Tab Preview in Win7 Taskbar

The current Dev version of Google Chrome has implemented a new feature to partially mimic IE8's taskbar tab preview. That is, whenever you hover your mouse over the Chrome icon in the taskbar, the popup preview pane will show a thumbnail of every single open tab, across all Chrome windows:

Some people love this feature. I personally hate it. If you have two or three windows open, each with 5 or more tabs that are logically grouped, getting to the right window becomes a frustrating chore. Especially so when you have too many tabs and the image previews turn into a long scrollable list. The old system would simply show a preview of the active tab in each window, which I think is much more usable.

Thankfully I'm not the only one who takes issue with this, and Google is working on an option to disable this new behavior (more information available here).


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