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Flash vs. HTML5 for Streaming Video

The geeksphere has been ablaze regarding Flash on mobile devices for a while now. The argument is that Apple has openly rejected Flash from their iPhone/iPod-Touch/iPad products, claiming that the Flash plugin is a resource hog that uses up too much CPU and hence drains the battery. Apple added fuel to the flame by also claiming it was full of security holes and that Adobe in general was lazy. Meanwhile, Android, Symbian, Windows Phone 7, Blackberry and Bada are all trying to get Flash going, although the release of the first full mobile Flash player has been delayed yet again.

So as of now, Apple mobile devices have no Flash support whatsoever, meaning any website with Flash streaming video (Youtube, Hulu, etc.) or Flash games will not work. Whereas other mobile devices have limited Flash support from legacy Flash players, but most of these are not capable of streaming videos or playing recent Flash games either. Everyone is still waiting for Adobe to come out with 10.1.
The Apple camp…