Apple labels iPhone target audience as idiots

The new iPhone 4 has a front-facing VGA camera that allows for Apple's new innovative, revolutionary and magical FaceTime service.

Watch the video below to find out exactly how this never-before-seen feature works (you get bonus points if you can make it all the way to the end without cracking up in hysteria).

FaceTime is nothing more than a Skype application for the iPhone - it only works when you're connected via Wifi, and only works when talking to other iPhone users, also on Wifi...

Have all the engineers and people in this ad never used Skype before? Was it really that shocking when they saw it working for the first time? Do they all live in a bubble and have no contact with anyone outside of Cupertino? Have they never touched a gadget without an Apple logo on it for fear of being condemned to eternal damnation?

And what does this say about what Apple thinks of it's target audience? They're treating everyone like a bunch of idiots who'll swallow this BS.

But, Apple's ads targeting the mass market have proven effective so far. And if you click on the video above and read the YouTube comments (YouTube is probably a much better representation of the general consumer than blog commenters or forum posters)...well...I'll just leave it at that.


  1. Clearly somebody is hating on the iPhhone and clearly needs to understand there is more to it than just facetime via Wifi!!!!

  2. I have nothing against the iPhone itself. It's a fine device for what it is. I just find it funny how Apple ads are almost a spoof and sound so sarcastic to anyone that knows anything about technology.

    Obviously the ads work though, and obviously the iPhone is a huge success with a particular segment of people who swallow up the hype.


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