Blogger Template Designer

If you're using Blogger and haven't heard about or tried out the new Template Designer, you're missing out.

The stock Blogger templates are quite old and boring. Most Bloggers have turned to third party templates in the past to improve the visual appearance of their site. Some of these freely available templates are better than others, but finding a good one is usually a process of trial and error and manual tweaking of the XML code.

None of this is really necessary anymore. The Template Designer provides a great deal of flexibility in customizing the look of your Google Blog, with no manual coding required. Just go through the wizard selecting a standard template to start with, then select whatever background image you'd like from a list of categorized royalty free photographs, then choose the number of columns and column alignment, then the widths of the various elements and you're done. You can also tweak the color scheme, the fonts, the css and basically everything else appearing in your blog via the wizard driven interface. It's a very neat addition and greatly welcomed!


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