HTC MyTouch Slide

Just bought this little beauty today. The MyTouch Slide has't gotten much attention from bloggers or Android forums. Maybe because it's a T-Mobile exclusive, or maybe because it's regarded as a mid-tier device due to having a slower processor and lower screen resolution...

To be honest though, none of these are real negatives. The 600MHz processor seems to be handling the OS just fine. There's no noticible lag anywhere at all. Everything is very smooth and fluid. So the CPU choice seems like a good pairing so far. And it's still only running Android 2.1. A Froyo update is expected very soon which should make things even faster!

As for the screen - text is sharp, colors are rich, touch sensitivity is great, and multi-touch works (however, I just tried the Multitouch Visible Test and it's experiencing the same axis swap bug as the Nexus One, which is a little troubling).

The custom Sense hybrid UI is also a pleasure to work with. Highly customizable, nice layout, some great widgets, and overall looks very modern and streamlines.

As for the main selling point of the phone - the slideout QWERTY is very easy to type on and very functional. At first I thought it's a little redundant and that I may never use it, but it's actually superior to touch keyboards in so many ways, and I constantly use it for anything more than a few letters. The key distancing and feel is spot-on for something this size. Infact it's so good that I wrote this whole blog post on my phone and it didn't take me all day or drive me up the wall!


  1. I agree that this phone is underrated. It should fit the needs of many consumers. Swype is excellent for speedy text entry, and I use the Genius button and drive mode all the time for hands-free texting. And it is great for social media for those that like to stay connected. I also think the phone looks far classier in person than in photos. Glad to hear you are enjoying your phone as well.


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