Custom MP3 alarms on MyTouch Slide

The MyTouch Slide comes preloaded with a number of different alarm sounds. These are boring. You can use any MP3 as an alarm. To do this, just connect the phone to a PC, and make sure to select Disk Drive on the phone so you can browse the SD card content.

On the PC, navigate to the SD card and create a folder named alarms. In here, drop whatever MP3 you want to be able to select as an alarm and you're done (e.g. F:\alarms\freestyler.mp3 where F: is the SD card in Windows Explorer).

Disconnect the phone (or set the USB to charge only), go back to the alarm settings, click on sounds, and you should see your custom MP3s in the list of options along with all the defaults. Note that the song titles are taken from metadata tags and not the actual filenames.



  1. THANK YOU! I've been looking everywhere for this, it's something that I thought should've been more obvious. Great tip! And can't wait to see any other new tips and tricks you learn about the Mytouch Slide!


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