Dismiss Windows Update Postpone

If you have Windows set to automatically download and install updates, you'll often get a little dialog asking you to restart your computer or postpone the restart for 10 minutes or up to 4 hours.

This can get pretty annoying, especially when you get the restart notice early in the morning. Restarting can be a pain when you're busy doing your work and have multiple applications open and configured as required. Postponing every 4 hours works, but what if you're away from your desk when the next notice comes up? Or what if the dialog pops open and you accidentally hit restart?

It would be good if there was an option to select 'Remind me - never' or something along those lines, but there isn't.

An easy workaround however is to just open a Command Prompt and type net stop "windows update". This will turn off the Windows Update service, hence no more restart prompts. The service will come back on by itself whenever you do get around to restarting your PC.

Note though that some say it's not a good idea to postpone the restart for too long as it can lead to system instability. Use this at your own risk!


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