Windows 7 - No HDMI Sound Output

I have a HTPC with HDMI audio/video out and Toslink (Optical) SP/DIF sound out. Up till recently I've been using the HDMI for video only and running an optical cable to my amp for sound. I wanted to pack my amp and so switch to HDMI audio out directly to my TV, so went into Control Panel / Hardware and Sound / Sound, but couldn't see a HDMI component in the Playback tab. I only had Speakers (which were not plugged in) and Realtek High Definition Audio Output, which was the Optical cable and was set as the default.

You can right-click on the Playback panel and tick to show Disabled devices and Disconnected devices, but HDMI still wasn't there.

To get it to show up, go to Device Manager. Click on View / Show hidden devices. Then scroll down to Sound, video and game controllers, expand that, and look for a HDMI device. This will probably be disabled, so right-click and select enable.

Then go back to Control Panel / Sound, and you should see a HDMI device in Playback tab (make sure you right-click the tab and click to view disabled devices if you haven't done so yet). Now click the HDMI device and click Set Default. Then right-click your other output devices and click Disable (otherwise Windows will reset back to a different device when you reboot your computer).


  1. My girlfriend is very thankful, your tip solved her problem :)

    Best wishes!

    /Henrik -sweden


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