Waiting on Froyo for the HTC myTouch Slide?

I wouldn't hold my breath. Rumors about a Froyo (Android 2.2) update for the T-Mobile myTouch Slide came out early June, before the phone was even officially released. The rumors didn't state a specific date, just that Froyo will be out 'really soon'.

Early July, some T-Mobile road maps leaked and had a myTouch Slide MR update listed for end of July.

Everyone assumed this would be Froyo. It had to be, right? Wrong. The MR update was just officially announced and it's only a minor bug-fix with very little to get excited about. Now if Froyo was still just around the corner, why would T-Mobile release this patch (which won't be fully rolled out till August 19th) anyway? And would they release the real Froyo update soon afterwards? Wouldn't it make a whole lot more sense to include these minor bug fixes in the imminent Froyo update?

There are two possibilities here. The first, Froyo is not coming out for at least a couple of months. I'd be guessing late October the earliest, but more likely end of year or Q1 2011 (just pulling random dates out of thin air here). The second, the myTouch Slide will never get an official Froyo update from T-Mobile. Looking at the road map above, there's no other Slide update planned. But there are a whole lot of updates for other phones, and a whole lot of newer phones coming out.

It makes sense those early rumors about Froyo came out. It got everyone who was on the fence about buying the phone to actually buy it, because it would soon be updated to the latest and greatest. It's great viral marketing. It brings in extra customers who otherwise wouldn't have bought the phone. But the Slide is the only HTC Sense + Espresso phone out there. It's a bit of an experiment and it probably didn't sell all that many units since it was only a mid-range device, and it's already super-seeded by other T-Mobile phones, like the Samsung Vibrant and others that will be released in the next few months.

It doesn't really pay dividends for T-Mobile to spend time and effort in upgrading this Espresso experiment to the next Android version, only for customers who've already bought the phone. It makes more sense for them to devote their resources in upgrading the new phones coming out that will attract more customers, and that may get some of us Slide owners to upgrade as well ($$$ for T-Mobile).

So... no yogurt for you! NEXT!

If you really do want Froyo though (and you should, it's yummy), then keep an eye out on the CyanogenMod CM6 progress for the Slide here. It's an unofficial Froyo update, and it's not fully stable on the Slide yet but fingers crossed it will be soon. Once it is, you'll need to root your phone to install it (and rooting the Slide is not the easiest thing to do).


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