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Quick start to using Amazon EC2 as a free VPS!

UPDATE: Warning! An EC2 Micro Instance is dead-slow. Consider this carefully before investing too much time with EC2. Sometimes cheap VPS is better value than free.

Most people know Amazon for the online store or the Kindle, but in tech circles they're also well known for the Amazon Web Services offerings. AWS is basically a set of services that enable users to easily build highly scalable web applications with a pay-per-use pricing model.

The products page may seem a little confusing at first, with service names like Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2), Elastic Load Balancing, Simple Storage Service, Relational Database Service, Elastic IPs, etc. A lot of these can be used independently to stitch together a custom solution for whatever you're trying to achieve. In this guide, I'll talk about using EC2 with EBS and an Elastic IP to build a free Virtual Private Server that you can use for whatever you want (host a website, host a proxy, dev/test server, etc.).
To do this, you need t…