Froyo or not, no Flash 10.1 for HTC Slide (ARMv6)

Many people seem to think that Froyo automatically means full Adobe Flash Player 10.1 on all Android phones. This is not true.

Adobe has only released the Flash Player 10.1 application for Android phones based on the ARMv7 processor instruction set [1, 2]. This includes most if not all 1GHz phones like the Nexus, Nexus S, Galaxy S, etc.

Older mid-range phones such as the MyTouch Slide however are not compatible. The Slide has a Qualcomm MSM7227 processor, which supports the ARMv6 instruction set. The different ARMvX architectures are described here.

There are many forum/blog posts offering up the flash_player_10.1.apk file and suggesting users can just install it. Some even say the player can be made to run on Eclair (Android 2.1). While this may be true for some phones with ARMv7 chips, it will never work on ARMv6 or any other architecture, so check your phone CPU type first.

If you're not on ARMv7, you're basically out of luck. Only Adobe can do something about this. No one else has the Flash Player source code, so no one else can fix it. The only hack possible would be to try and create an ARMv7 emulator for ARMv6 processors, which is like emulating the PlayStation 3 on a PlayStation 2 and then expecting to play Uncharted 2 at a good frame-rate.

Anyone who says they got Flash running on the Slide (or other ARMv6 phones) is either confusing Flash Lite for full Flash 10.1, or using Skyfire, or viewing HTML5 content, or using a different phone, or just doesn't know what they're talking about (or Adobe eventually releases a new executable).


  1. Would that also mean that the new PlayOn app for Android will be impossible to use?
    I've installed it, v3.2, and I get the listings etc but when I try and play any video it says I need Flash installed.
    Running CM6.1.1
    I also tried going to with Skyfire and no dice.


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