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Lenovo x120e - How to install clean version of Windows 7

The Lenovo x120e ships with either Windows 7 Home Premium x64 or Windows 7 Professional x64 pre-installed, as well as a whole bunch of manufacturer bloat. I always prefer a clean install of Windows 7. This is a quick guide on how to do this for the x120e, and other Lenovo models:

Step 1 - Download x120e Network Drivers: 
Download the network drivers for the x120e from the Lenovo support website. Namely, go to the Lenovo support site, search for "x120e", and click on the link for the corresponding model number (printed on the back of the machine). Then download the Ethernet and WiFi LAN drivers shown in the image below. Save these on a USB stick.
Step 2 - Prepare Windows Bootable USB
The x120e does not have a CD/DVD drive, so you must install Windows from a bootable USB. You can legally download the official Windows 7 installation images from here. Namely, you will want to download the Windows 7 Home Premium x64 image from the above page (direct link). You'll end up with a …

Optus Usage Master - A Simple Broadband Usage Meter

Optus Usage Master is a very simple Windows tool for checking your Optus Broadband download quota. There are many other alternatives around, although I've found most are broken and no longer updated, so I decided to write my own.

Key features:

Standalone executable, no install necessary.Tiny file-size and memory footprint.Does not run in background - just pin it to the taskbar and run it when you need it.Saves username/password using standard Windows encryption for best security possible.Large font-size - good for HTPC users, easy to read.Simple to use - just one screen, no hidden settings and configuration.Open-source - view and compile the code yourself to make sure it's safe.Proxy support - uses IE Proxy settings, can be run from work.No administrative rights required.Usage Instructions: Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4+ installed.Download OptusUsageMaster.exe and save to any directory.Right-click OptusUsageMaster.exe and click Pin to Taskbar.Click the Taskbar ico…