Optus Usage Master - A Simple Broadband Usage Meter

Optus Usage Master is a very simple Windows tool for checking your Optus Broadband download quota. There are many other alternatives around, although I've found most are broken and no longer updated, so I decided to write my own.

Key features:

  • Standalone executable, no install necessary.
  • Tiny file-size and memory footprint.
  • Does not run in background - just pin it to the taskbar and run it when you need it.
  • Saves username/password using standard Windows encryption for best security possible.
  • Large font-size - good for HTPC users, easy to read.
  • Simple to use - just one screen, no hidden settings and configuration.
  • Open-source - view and compile the code yourself to make sure it's safe.
  • Proxy support - uses IE Proxy settings, can be run from work.
  • No administrative rights required.
Usage Instructions:
  • Make sure you have Microsoft .NET Framework 4+ installed.
  • Download OptusUsageMaster.exe and save to any directory.
  • Right-click OptusUsageMaster.exe and click Pin to Taskbar.
  • Click the Taskbar icon to run.
  • Enter username and password in top-right corner, and click Get Usage button (login details will be securely stored).
  • View your usage and close the application when done.
  • Whenever you want to know the usage, just click the Taskbar icon and usage will be loaded automatically using stored credentials.


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