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BIOS Boot Priority Ignored, PC won't boot from CD/DVD

I have a desktop with 2 internal SATA HDD drives and 1 internal SATA DVD drive. I needed to boot from a Windows 7 Recovery CD the other day, but no matter what settings I made in the BIOS for Boot Priority, the PC would always boot from the main hard drive.

I tried setting 1st boot priority to CD/DVD and removed all other boot options, but it still loaded from the hard drive. I also tried setting 1st boot priority to PIONEER DVD RW (which is my SATA internal DVD drive), but this caused the computer to instantly power off. The computer wouldn't even go to BIOS now, it would just power-off as soon as I powered it on. I unplugged the DVD SATA cable from inside, which allowed me to get back into the BIOS and regain control of the PC, but I was back to square one.

I eventually managed to get the boot priorities working by changing the SATA mode setting from AHCI to Native IDE. After saving and restarting, the 'Press any key to boot from cd...' message came up and everything wor…