Blogger stats since switching to Dynamic Templates

Google has released a new set of beautified, ajax-heavy templates for all Blogger accounts, namely Dynamic Templates, which is what you see here (unless you're a search engine). These templates look pretty and are supposed to be faster due to ajax-loading optimizations, but come with several disadvantages:

  • No support for user customization.
  • No support for standard widgets or custom HTML code.
  • No support for Google Analytics!
  • No support for Disqus commenting system.
  • Search Engine friendliness?
So switching to the new templates is a big compromise at the moment, especially for well-established blogs with large Disqus communities and a long-history of Google Analytics data which is used for advertising and content data-mining. 

Also not sure how search-engine friendly the new templates are. If you look at the source, it's just a bunch of javascript and no actual content on the main page. All content gets loaded dynamically. However, there is a noscript section which provides a link to the old classic html-only version of your blog, which I'm guessing spiders follow and index all your internal links. The internal links then point to the ajax-dynamic content, which again have a noscript section with another link to a standard version. So basically visitors with javascript browsers see the pretty stuff, and search engines continue to see the old stuff. 

None of these concerns really bother me though, so I've made the switch anyway. Since Google Analytics doesn't work anymore, I need to rely on Blogger's own internal Stats keeping features. The chart below shows my traffic two weeks before the switch and two weeks after the switch.

This indicates my page-hits have roughly doubled almost instantaneously after enabling Dynamic Templates. Whether or not that actually means anything is anyone's guess. There may be differences in the way page-hits are being counted with the new templates since there's so much asynchronous loading involved. Perhaps my stats have stayed the same and things are just being counted twice. Considering the trickery going on above, that's not hard to believe. Users click on a link from a search-engine page, which downloads the javascript scripts, which then dynamically load the actual content via another service call. Although you would think Google would be clever enough not to double-count like that, but who knows, it's probably still 'Beta'.


  1. Ajax templates are really very beautiful to create blogger account. Ajax is scripting language so templates looks very nice but as above several disadvantages also there.


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