Google's Language Immersion for Chrome

If you've been putting off learning a new language, or have forgotten everything you've learnt from lack of practice, then the Language Immersion for Chrome extension is just what you need!

The tool is simple: you pick a language that you want to practice and a level of difficulty. Then for every web-page you visit, it will pick out a few random words and replace them with equivalent translations in the chosen language. You can hover your mouse over these words to hear an immediate pronunciation, or you can click on them to convert them back into the original language. The level of difficulty controls the frequency of translated words, so at novice level, it will translate say three words per paragraph. At expert level, it will translate a lot more.

This is a fantastic idea, as you can multi-purpose your time spent on the internet. So whenever you take those 30 minutes in the morning to catch up on your favourite news blogs, turn this thing on and learn a foreign language at the same time. You may not become a fluent speaker in a week, but over time it will add up.

It's also great for improving your main language. Whenever you see a translated word that makes no sense, you have to try and guess it's meaning from context (or click to have it translated), which means you're practising the native language too.


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