Convert PDF to PostScript (PS) in Windows

I recently had to submit an academic paper to a conference that would only accept Word documents or PostScript (PS) files. We authored the paper in LaTeX and compiled using 'pdflatex', which generates a PDF. Theoretically it's possible to generate a PS file using the 'latex' compiler - but this turned out to be more trouble than its worth (missing font types, having to convert all graphics to eps, etc). So the alternative was to convert the generated PDF to PS. This can be done in Windows 7 as follows:

  1. You'll need to configure a new printer as follows:
    1. Click Start, type 'Add a printer' and press enter.
    2. Select 'Add a local printer'
    3. Select 'Create a new port' and choose Local Port, hit Next and give it a name (e.g. PS Port).
    4. Now select HP for manufacturer, then HP LaserJet 2300L PS and click next (any driver that supports PS would work as well).
    5. Give the printer a name (e.g. "PS Printer"), then click Finish
  2. Now open the PDF file that you want to convert in Adobe Reader
  3. Go to File/Print and select your PS Printer from the drop-down and click the Advanced button on the right.
    1. Check the "Print to File" checkbox all the way down the bottom and click Ok.
  4. For size, you may want to select "Actual size" and "Choose paper source by PDF page size"
  5. Hit Print and select where you want to save the output PS file.
  6. To view the PS file you'll need to download Ghostview and GSView for Windows, or alternatively for a quick test, go to which let's you upload a PS and will convert it for you (although this may get cached on their servers, so exercise caution with confidential information).


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