Unlock your mobile using SIM PUK code

I recently got a new Telstra SIM for my phone and accidentally typed in the wrong PIN 3 times (I was trying to type in my regular phone PIN, when I should've been typing in the PIN that came with the SIM). This caused my Android phone (CyanogenMod 7) to prompt me with a message that "SIM is PUK locked" on the lock-screen, and the only option available was the emergency dialer.

Unlocking it is a two step process:

  1. Get the 10 digit PUK code from your carrier. For Telstra, just go to this website and fill in the form to instantly get your code. Other carriers may work differently. Check their websites, or give them a call.
  2. Once you have the PUK code, you need to type it in to the Emergency Dialer using a special format:
    • **05***#
      • so, for example, **05*0123456789*9999*9999#
Note: Here's some websites that will help you obtain the PUK code for some of the different carriers: 


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