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Online JavaScript MD5 Line-by-Line Hasher

I needed a script to generate MD5 hash values of multiple cells in an Excel spreadsheet. So, for example, imagine you have Column A which contains employee ids, and you want to hash these.

I put together a simple javascript page to do just this. Simply click on the link, copy all of Column A into the top textarea, enter a salt or password (or leave blank for none), and click Generate MD5 Hashes.

The hash values will appear in the textarea at the bottom of the page.

Note that all leading and trailing spaces are removed from all field values and from the salt. So if leading/trailing spaces are important to you, you may need to hack the source to prevent the trim functions being called.

Apple iMac 2011 - Waste of a Good Screen

The 2011 Apple iMac 27" has a gorgeous screen with great contrast, great colors and a very nice high resolution of 2560 x 1440. With decent internal specs to match, the 27" iMac makes for a great all-in-one computer.

But what happens when you have one of these at home, and you also have a laptop from work that you often bring with you. It sure would be nice to connect that laptop to this beast of a screen to get rid of those pesky scroll bars on that monster of an excel spreadsheet you keep working on...

Well unless that laptop happens to be a 2011+ MacBook Air or MacBook Pro, YOUCAN'T!

The reason for this is that the 2011 iMac can only take an input video signal via a Thunderbolt connection, and the only laptops that have this at present are the 2011 MacBook Air and Pro.

Perhaps this is no big deal when it comes to Apple - you may say that they're just trying to lock customers into their eco-system. So they have every right to do whatever they want and restrict how …

Bring back application from disconnected monitor

I use a laptop as my primary machine. At work, I connect this to two external monitors, and at home, I use it on its own. A funny thing happens in Windows 7: when you have an application window on an external monitor, then disconnect the monitors, the application remains on the imaginary screen (sometimes). So you can see it's icon in your taskbar, and you can minimize and maximize it by clicking the icon, but the application window is inaccessible.

You have four options to bring it back:

Force-restart your computer - obviously not ideal.Kill the application using the icon or task manager - also not ideal sometimes.Re-connect the external displays - not always an option.Move the application to the visible screen:Hover your mouse over the taskbar icon, then mouse over the Aero preview of the application,right-click the preview square, click on Move in the context menu, your mouse cursor may have disappeared now, left-click once and move your mouse around till the application window …