Google Drive Misleading Sync Status

I use both Dropbox and Google Drive to sync local files as backup mechanism. Recently I've been having lots of problems with the Google Drive Window 7 client. It says "Sync Complete", and shows icons on all top-level folders indicating that all files were synched (green ticks). When I drill-down into some folders however, I find files that have the blue synching indicator icon, which never get uploaded (they don't appear in the web interface or on other clients).

I tried restarting the Google Drive client, restarting the computer, etc. But nothing seems to fix it. The client just ignores these files, but makes it seem as though everything was synched. And they're just some small pdfs, word docs and other common file types, so I'm not talking about multi-gigabyte files here.

If I right-click the Google Drive icon, there's no option for "View Unsynchable Files" or other things I've seen referenced on various forums. So I'm really stumped. And the worst thing about this is that it's very misleading, because there's no indication that this is happening until you look for the files online or some other client.

I've never had these issues with Dropbox. So for now, I may just need to abandon Google Drive, as it's too unstable and unpredictable for my needs.


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