Fitbit Aria Setup Issues

I recently got a Fitbit Aria smart scale. This basically just synchs your weight and body-percentage-fat index to the Fitbit website, so you can keep a long-term history of your ups and downs (bit overrated to be honest).

Anyhow, the initial setup of the scale is pretty straight-forward. Just download the app from the website and following the easy prompts. This gets your scale to join your home WiFi, and links it to your Fitbit profile, all transparently and without and mucking about.

However, every week or fortnight, my scale somehow seems to reset itself to factory defaults. It switches back to pounds mode and forgets who I am, so I need to use the setup utility again to re-link it.

The utility instructs you to remove one battery for 10 seconds and then place it back in for the scale to enter setup mode. I've found this not to work very reliably. I usually have to take out all four batteries, wait around 20 seconds, put them back in, quickly flip the scale right-side-up, place it on the ground and read the prompts. It should say it's firmware version number (e.g. V29), followed by your wifi network name, and then it will say "Tap to Change". At this point give it a thump with your foot or palm to enter setup mode. Then click continue on the utility app to do the rest.

The tricky part is that the utility app doesn't tell you to tap it, so it's easy to miss, in which case it will never enter setup mode.

Still don't know what the issue is that causes it to lose its settings in the first place though... very annoying.

UPDATE: happened again today. I step on, and I'm now 150+ pounds... this is getting really annoying now...

UPDATE 2: I emailed Fitbit support describing the problem. I got a response within 20 minutes asking me for details to ship a replacement. So it seems this may be a common known issue (given the very short response time without asking for further details).


  1. having the same problem.

  2. me too. ARGH. mine keeps going "ERR"

  3. mine wont find network... but the thing is, i live in brazil...

  4. This device is worthless. It won't even work to show bodyfat unless you sign up to their data mining website. I finally gave in an signed up and it was 6% off my professionally measured bodyfat (I'm a competitive athlete). Very dissatisfied. I won't even bother selling it off, just straight in the bin.

  5. Mine won't connect to my network even though it used to work with no issues - I'm currently waiting for FitBit support to respond to my email. I've even tried creating a new FitBit account with no luck.

  6. I had no problems setting up Aria using my Windows Tablet but it unsynced when I recharged my Fitbit Surge..and was told my Aria had a defect. I returned it to Fitbit Returns and ordered a Bowflex Caloric Scale for 1/3 the price of the Aria but it doesn't have WIFi

  7. Thanks for this! My aria stopped working as soon as the first set of batteries died. No matter how many times I contacted fitbit for help, I could never get it to recognize me again. You pointed out something they never did, you have to tap it! And that worked! However, if it loses it's mind again I am demanding they take it back. Thank you again!


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