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Mac OSX Emptying Trash Hangs

I seem to constantly have issues with emptying the Trash on my Macbook Pro Retina 10.8.2. The progress-bar hangs, and any further operations on the Trash get queued up and also subsequently hang.

The easy workaround for this is to use a Terminal and run the following commands:
-- cd ~
-- mkdir .Trash2
-- chmod 700 .Trash2
-- mv .Trash .Trash_old
-- mv .Trash2 .Trash
-- rm -R .Trash_old

This basically creates a new Trash folder, gives it the same permissions as the original, then moves and deletes the original and replaces it with the newly created folder.

After this, right-click the Trash bin icon in the Dock and click to empty again. This should refresh the status.

Windows Live Movie Maker - AVOID!

Windows Live Movie Maker is available for free under the Microsoft Live Essentials application bundle. It's a very easy to use light-weight movie editing package, that at first seems like a great way to quickly put together some not half-bad looking videos.

The problem is, once you start importing a number of media files, and start editing the timeline substantially, you'll eventually start encountering a number of crashes, the most annoying of which is the "Project Corruption" dialog whenever you try to save.

This seems to happen when you do lots of splitting and re-ordering of segments. There's no easy fix for it. You can close the program, re-open a previous save, repeat the same operation, try to save, and you'll get the same error.

What sometimes works is to drop the whole clip that you're trying to split and re-import the original, then try to re-create whatever you were trying to do....

For a large project, this is a sure-fire way to drive yourself…

VMWare Fusion 5.0.x crashes and must restart Windows

I use VMWare Fusion 5.0.2 on my 15" Macbook Pro Retina (2012) to run several Windows 7 x64 virtual machines for work purposes. After a recent update of OSX, my virtual machines very frequently crash and require a forced restart.

I noticed this happened almost predictably when launching some particular software within the VM. Windows Movie Maker, for example, crashes the VM instantly whenever I try to launch it.

Turns out this is a known issue, and it relates to an incompatibility in the 3D acceleration layer between Fusion 5.0.2 and the latest OSX update. The issue was reported November 2012, but there's still no fix available as of Feb 2013.

A workaround that may help is to close the VM, then go to Settings/Display and disable 3D acceleration. However, this isn't of any use to applications that will not run without 3D acceleration (such as Movie Maker). So until the bug is fixed, this is a show-stopper for certain workflows :-(