Mac OSX Emptying Trash Hangs

I seem to constantly have issues with emptying the Trash on my Macbook Pro Retina 10.8.2. The progress-bar hangs, and any further operations on the Trash get queued up and also subsequently hang.

The easy workaround for this is to use a Terminal and run the following commands:
-- cd ~
-- mkdir .Trash2
-- chmod 700 .Trash2
-- mv .Trash .Trash_old
-- mv .Trash2 .Trash
-- rm -R .Trash_old

This basically creates a new Trash folder, gives it the same permissions as the original, then moves and deletes the original and replaces it with the newly created folder.

After this, right-click the Trash bin icon in the Dock and click to empty again. This should refresh the status.


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