Apple TV 3 Airplay Mirroring Issues

I've recently purchased an Apple TV 3 to replace my full-blown Windows 7 HTPC. The reasoning being that I mostly use Netflix and Hulu, with the occasional iTunes movie rental, and for this, the Apple TV is close to perfect (simple remote-control friendly interface, instant boot, low power, small form factor, 'just works').

There's still the occasional .mkv or other video that I need to watch on the big screen every now and then though, and for this I thought I'd just do 1080p Airplay mirroring from my Macbook Retina. This works ok half the time... but often my Macbook won't detect the Apple TV and Airplay is not available in the top navbar. To fix this I usually try toggling Airplay in the Apple TV settings,  and/or force-restart the Apple TV. All this usually takes a minute or two, which puts a damper on the whole "just-works" thing - it would be easier for me to physically connect the laptop to the TV via HDMI, which gives better playback performance anyway. The only advantage of Airplay is convenience, so when it doesn't work as expected, its pretty disappointing.

I haven't found a cause or permanent solution to these issues yet. Both my Macbook and the Apple TV are on latest firmware/updates. I also upgraded the router, and both devices are connected to the Wifi network with strong signals and full internet connectivity...

Thinking of giving Miracast a try instead, but can't find a good set-top box that supports it properly yet.


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