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Giving up on Lightroom (again)

To start off with a full-disclaimer, I'm not a pro photographer. All of my photos are of family, friends and holidays, with the occasional experimental shot or two. I have over 120GB of digital photos, which I keep backed-up on a USB HDD and also synched to Google Drive.

My typical workflow is usually to shoot in jpeg, import everything into Lightroom, do some light editing (cropping, exposure and color tweaks, etc.), then synch everything to Google Drive so that I can view online from any device and share with anyone that I want.

The problem is - Lightroom only saves changes as metadata edits to its internal catalog database. To view these changes outside of Lightroom, you need to "export" all the files. I understand the logic of this, that is, always maintaining the original so that you can come back at a later time and re-edit it differently. Additionally, Lightroom doesn't let you "export" and overwrite the originals in the same operation, I guess as a …

My experience with a Soundbar

I previously had a small 5.1 system setup for my home-theatre (the Energy Take Classics, which go for around $350). However, I was never able to hide the rear-wires properly, so had them cutting across the living room floor, which didn't look too impressive.

Wanting to streamline our place a little, I decided to reduce wire-clutter, and so I went with the Samsung HW-F751 Soundbar. I chose this for several reasons - it received great online reviews, it has a wireless subwoofer reducing clutter, and it looks slick matching our Samsung TV.
Now naturally I did not expect this to be better than a discrete 5.1 system, but I thought it should at least be a good-enough compromise - I was wrong.

As soon as I turned it on, I knew I had probably made a big mistake. The sound coming from this thing reminded me of watching movies on a laptop. There was plenty of detail in the highs and mids, but due to it's physical dimensions, it just sounds small.

This makes sense when you think about it…