VW Golf start/stop button placement annoyance

The MK7 VW Golf series are equipped with VW's Bluemotion stop/start system, meaning that when your car comes to a stop while driving, the engine will shut-off to conserve fuel.

This feature seems good in theory, but it can be pretty annoying in heavy traffic where you move two meters at a time every 20 seconds. Having the engine shut off and restart that frequently makes for an unpleasant ride, and I'm not convinced it's good for the car long-term either.

Thankfully VW has included a switch that allows the driver to disable the stop/start feature. Unfortunately though, the button for this is placed exactly behind the gear-shift lever, making it impossible to see from the driver's normal line of sight.

So, to push this button to disable the stop/start feature, something I do at least a few times per trip, I have to lean over towards the gear stick and take my eyes off the road for a good two or three seconds.

This is far from ideal, especially as I would reach for this button before coming to a stop to prevent the engine from shutting off, usually while I'm stuck in traffic or at an intersection. This is not the best time to be taking eyes off the road or off the car in front of me...

The button in the Golf also doesn't have a very distinct tactile feel either, so it's a bit hard to push it without looking. There are groves separating 4 button panels, so you could run your finger from top-to-bottom counting the groves and push the right one, but again, this is not ideal.

I really wish there was a button for this somewhere on the wheel, next to the other dozen or so buttons that I hardly ever use (like paging through the trip computer menus, I don't need to be doing that while driving).

Or at least give us one or two configurable buttons on the wheel, like they do on DSLR cameras, so I can assign whatever feature I want to them, such as disabling stop/start, or activating the parking sensors, etc.


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