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Unblock-Us Auto Update IP Chrome Extension

The Unblock-Us service is great for unlocking access to region-blocked streaming services. However, sometimes you get the following error:

Looks like your internet address has changed. Please click here to activate your new internet address.

This error happens because your ISP is issuing you a dynamic IP address that can change often (~once a day for me). This means you need to open a browser tab, go to Unblock-Us and click the link to re-associate your new IP address with your account. I find this especially annoying when trying to Chromecast a Netflix or Hulu video, which results in a "Oops, you shouldn't be here" error message...

So I created a Chrome Extension that re-associates your IP automatically with Unblock-Us every 5 minutes (as long as you have a running Chrome browser window with the extension installed and running). This solution may not work for everyone, but if you have a PC on your network that's on 24/7 (like a HTPC/media-center), then leaving a Chrom…