Unblock-Us Auto Update IP Chrome Extension

The Unblock-Us service is great for unlocking access to region-blocked streaming services. However, sometimes you get the following error:

Looks like your internet address has changed.
Please click here to activate your new internet address.

This error happens because your ISP is issuing you a dynamic IP address that can change often (~once a day for me). This means you need to open a browser tab, go to Unblock-Us and click the link to re-associate your new IP address with your account. I find this especially annoying when trying to Chromecast a Netflix or Hulu video, which results in a "Oops, you shouldn't be here" error message...

So I created a Chrome Extension that re-associates your IP automatically with Unblock-Us every 5 minutes (as long as you have a running Chrome browser window with the extension installed and running). This solution may not work for everyone, but if you have a PC on your network that's on 24/7 (like a HTPC/media-center), then leaving a Chrome window open with this extension installed does the trick.

To use it, simply install the extension, then go to the settings page (from your Chrome Extensions list) to configure your account details.

Source code.

This extension is provided as-is, and has no official affiliation with Unblock-Us service provider. Use at own risk, etc, etc.


  1. Hi, I installed today and am getting the following error: Unblock-Us Activation Error - 503 Please check your internet connection and try again.. My internet is working fine. Any advise on how to fix this please. Thanks, G

  2. I am having the same problem as the person who wrote to you nine months ago.

  3. Great idea - if it only worked. Same as above. Think someone just wants to collect sign ins.

  4. Sorry all, I stopped using Unblock-Us a while ago, so have not been updating the extension. The source code is linked above if anyone wants to resurrect it.


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