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Easily Chromecast local media from your PC with Plex

I've had a full Windows 7 HTPC connected to my main TV for over five years now. It was the best way to watch anything and everything with the least amount of fuss or limitations. Recently however, the Google Chromecast has changed the game. The devices are so cheap, I have one connected to each TV throughout the house, which has now got me hooked to a whole new level of convenience - being able to start watching something on one TV, and switching over to a different room to resume playing from exactly the same spot. Chromecasts are also dead-simple to use - they pass the significant-other test.

This got me thinking I no longer need my media PC connected to the TV. I can just have it sitting somewhere else in the house, connected to a normal PC monitor, where I can use it to download stuff, manage media, do the occasional web-browsing, and even use it for some development and other stuff that I could/would never do while it was connected to the TV.

So I set off to find the best way…