Hibermate Sleep Mask Mini-Review

I recently bought one of these Hibermate eye-masks with ear muffs to try and get some sleep in a noisy household:

I think these cost me around $49, so I expected good things.


  • Relatively comfortable and easy to fall asleep in.
  • The eye-mask in particular is better than most.
  • The ear-muffs don't really block much sound...they just muffle some high frequencies, but I can still hear the shower, or someone speaking in another room, or someone whispering next to me, or just about everything else.
  • The padding in the ear-muffs easily falls out when you take them off. It's not really held together by anything.
The box comes with a pair of in-ear foam plugs that you can wear in combination with the muffs, and the instructions suggest you could also use in-ear headphones in combination. This may work on a plane, etc, but it just masks the issue that the ear-muffs do nothing.

For $49, I expected a lot more. I would not recommend these for noise-cancelling, and $49 for a comfortable eye-mask is a bit of a stretch.


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