Stupidly large power adapters...what the?

I've been buying a number of electronic gadgets from, which means I now have more US plugs than AU plugs under my desks at home. This is becoming a problem as I need more adapters, so I hit the local Bunnings to see what's available, here are two samples:

Why are these things so gigantic?! If I plug this into a standard 4-port power-board, it would occupy at least 2 slots, and at worst 3... Who designs them to be this large... and for what possible reason?

Note that the two from above have no step-up/step-down, or surge-protection, or integrated USB ports. They're just dumb port adapters.

And here's another favorite of mine (not):
Notice the recessed port on this one. This will fit exactly 0% of DC power adapters, severely reducing its usability.

In any case, as always, Amazon to the rescue! I ended up buying around 16 of these instead:

These are small enough to only take 1 port, cost around $10 for 4, and I can plug 4 into a standard power-board to convert it to an international board of sorts. Problem solved, and at 1/4th the cost. Thanks Amazon! (and they wonder why we don't buy local... I tried...) 


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